Welcome from the CEO

000 Gary Evans CEO
01793 332425

I am delighted to welcome you to The Blue Kite Academy Trust. As a Trust we currently comprise of the following schools:

Abbey Meads Community Primary School
Badbury Park Primary School
Brook Field Primary School
Catherine Wayte Primary School
Ferndale Primary and Nursery School
Ruskin Junior School
William Morris Primary and Nursery School

Our vision is for our member schools to deliver an outstanding education for children and young people. We will ensure pupils have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and opportunities. Our role is to oversee the leadership and vision of our member schools and develop partnerships between them. We will encourage staff from our schools to meet together and share best practice, while our students will benefit from access to joint opportunities such as shared learning, trips and events.

We are committed to ensuring that, by working in partnership, we offer an exceptional learning experience for all our pupils and prepare them for their onward journey in education.

Gary Evans
Chief Executive Officer
The Blue Kite Academy Trust